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Adhesive additives properties
Jun 21, 2016

To meet specific of physico-chemical characteristics, joined of various auxiliary component called additives, for example: to makes subject stick material formed network type or size structure, increased rubber layer within poly strength and joined curing agent (they and subject stick material reaction and produced make joint role); to accelerated curing, and reduced reaction temperature and joined curing promote agent or catalyst; to improve resistance atmosphere aging, and hot aging, and ARC aging, and ozone aging, performance and joined antioxidant; to gives adhesive some specific nature, and reduced cost and joined filler; Added to reduce adhesive rigidity, increased toughness toughening agent in order to improve the process of reducing the viscosity of diluent, prolong life, and so on.

1. hardener

2. solvent

3. the plasticizer

4. filling agents

5. the toughening agents

6. the coupling agent

7. other additives: initiators, promoter, adhesion and polymerization inhibitors, stabilizers, antioxidants, complexing agent, emulsifying agent.

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