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Adhesive bonding features
Jun 21, 2016

① an instant bonding. Instant adhesive used does not need to be heated, pressurized, with characteristics of fast-curing, high bonding strength. A 6.45 square centimeters of bonding surface tension is enough to afford a car. Adhesive on the continuous production line plays a big role.

II structure of the bonding. Structural bonding means that can take a long time, load and large bonding stress objects, such as buildings, vehicles, ships, aircraft, spacecraft and other structures bonding. Increase the speed and make the bonding surface is smooth, beneficial to navigation; with sealing, anti-corrosion properties.

③ the liquid seal leakage. Some adhesive liquid liquid at room temperature, painted in various connections or sealing parts, forming an elastic adhesive layer, instead of the usual gasket and seal.

④ adhesive under the water. Manifested in the construction of dams or bridges, in the shipbuilding industry and the defence industry, it can turn prefabricated on land and connected in the parts of water and underwater, which greatly simplify the construction process, speed up the construction schedule.

⑤ surface bonding. Surface adhesive without first removing oil from the surface, simplifies the process, and has good adhesive strength.

⑥ hot melt adhesive. Hot-melt adhesives is a solid, in heating and melting it into liquids to adhesive, adhesive cooling recovery into a solid, form a solid bond. Hot-melt adhesives made of thermoplastic polymer with a tackifier compounded.

Sadly, high temperature resistant adhesive and ultra low temperature bonding. General adhesives capable of 100 ℃ temperature. Inorganic adhesive resistant to 600 degrees Celsius, with ceramic adhesive for the best, 1300 ℃ high temperature resistance. Ultra-low temperature resistant adhesive to at-196 c, or even lower-269 ℃ high strength and toughness.

⑧ pressure sensitive adhesive. This product is used to paste labels, carton sealing, smooth harness strapping and high protection of the surface of the metal plate.

⑨ medical adhesive. Medical adhesives have become indispensable to the medical materials. For example, into the bond of the kidney, vascular joints, wounds, esophageal or biliary anastomosis, dental bonding and repairing bone connections can play an important role.

⑩ In addition, there are conductive for electronic devices lead bonding, a conductor of silver conductive adhesive. High transparency optical glass for optical glass bonding adhesive and electron beam curing of light-sensitive photo-curing adhesive and glue.

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