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Classification and application of rubber waterstop
Dec 28, 2017


According to the model can be divided into: CB type rubber water stop (embedded in the middle hole type); CP type rubber water stop (buried in the middle of non-hole type); EB rubber water stop Hole type); EP rubber water stop (outside the middle of non-stick type).

According to the material can be divided into: natural rubber waterstop, neoprene waterstop, EPDM waterstop.

According to the use of the situation can be divided into: buried rubber water stop and back rubber band (outside rubber band), steel edge rubber water stop, water swelling rubber stop, flat stop Water band.

The scope of application

The rubber water-stop is mainly used for the foundation engineering which is integrated with the concrete structure in the construction joints and deformation joints when cast-in-place, such as underground facilities, tunnel culverts, aqueducts, dams and storage structures.

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