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Construction points & Folding precautions of SBS waterproof membrane
Dec 13, 2017

Construction points

1, the base surface treatment: Requirements of dry (moisture content <8%), clean, solid, smooth, dust-free, no oil. Yin and Yang should be made into a circular arc, node parts to be pre-treatment;

2, primer coating: In order to facilitate the construction and ensure the coating quality, with a special primary treatment agent, the uniform coating of the grass-roots level, to be dry (about 6-8h), before coating construction;

3, paint construction: with a rubber scraper or brown brush evenly paint the scratch in the base surface, the product is usually applied in three times the coating, each coating is about 0.5mm thick; coating must wait for a After the coating dry (about 6-8h) before the next coating construction;

4, to do the isolation layer: After the coating is dry (about 3d), in its surface layer of non-woven cloth or fiberglass cloth for the isolation layer (30-50g / m);

5, the reference dosage: paint: 2.3-2.5kg / m (thickness of 1.5mm) primary treatment agent: 0.2kg / m

Folding precautions

1, paint precipitation, is a normal situation, should be used with the use of mixing;

2, the construction temperature should be above 5 ℃, the construction of the construction environment to ensure smooth air circulation;

3, the coating process, if found bubbles, it should be within half an hour to pierce the needle roll, the paint has its own unique ability to self-healing, does not affect the coating quality;

4, the construction process, the coating should avoid contact with xylene, gasoline and other organic solvents.

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