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Different Methods for Sealant Uses
Dec 18, 2017

There are many methods of sealant application available to use on any number of materials. From rubber to asphalt and wood to clothing, sealant application is a matter of choice. Sealants come in a variety of compounds, each having a preferred method of application. Many products offer the same or comparable protection in a variety of compounds. The use and time allotted to complete the job is often a determining factor in which type of sealant application to select.

Some sealants require elaborate machinery to apply the product. Still others require only a brush or mop. Some are sprayed on and others come from a caulking gun.Research into the benefits of some application methods should be done when considering a sealant application. The time of year can play a role in determining the method for some applications, as heat or cold could affect the way the sealant cures.

For driveway sealant applications, the preferred method is to mop it on with an old mop or broom, and in some cases even a paint roller to spread the material around is recommended. Depending on the type of sealant used, there are some brands that allow them to be sprayed on. This method generally does not cover the surface as well or as thick. The preferred driveway sealant application most people select is to brush it on.

For sealants in the bathroom, the preferred sealant application is by caulking gun. Sealant in a tube or a  silicone -based product is very easily dispensed through the use of a caulking gun. The sealant is applied in a very fine bead by moving the caulking gun slowly and steadily along any cracks or gaps that are to be filled. This type of sealant dries rapidly and clean-up is easy.

In a manufacturing environment, sealant application is typically accomplished by spraying. Materials, typically wood, move along on an assembly conveyor and pass beneath a sprayer. The sprayer applies a predetermined amount of sealant to the product as it passes through the machine. The sealant is most often a fast-drying blend and the items dry as they are moving down the conveyor line to the next station.

In some high-end furniture manufacturing settings, sealant is applied by hand. Workers apply sealant to furniture with soft rags and brushes. The sealant is applied to the furniture and wiped off to create a stunning finish. This type of application requires the most physical labor, but it often produces the finest results.


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