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feature and construction technology of waterstop
Dec 15, 2017


1, flooding expansion, "stop water";

2, the expansion rate is slow, the water 186h its expansion rate ≤ 50% of the maximum expansion rate;

3, construction convenience, low prices

4, non-toxic pollution-free

5, in a long time under the action of undissolved matter precipitation;

6, compared with other hydrophilic expansion of the water zone is the biggest difference is its hydrophilic expansion after prolonged repeated expansion has not lost.

This section of construction technology

(1) There is a reservation for the pasting method, the first concrete pouring in the need to set aside the top of the sewer placement slot (in the template nail set aside).

⑵ remove the first cast concrete formwork, remove the surface, so that the seam anhydrous, clean, no debris.

⑶ water stop embedded in the reserve groove. If not reserved slot, the vertical seam can be added with adhesive full length paste, or with cement nails plus wood fixed stopwatches; horizontal seam can be directly affixed to the concrete surface.

(4) After pouring water stop pouring concrete as soon as possible.

(5) in the installation and paste process, should prevent the water strip pollution and water by the role, so as not to affect the use of results.

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