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Main feature of JS waterproof coating
Jan 03, 2018

main feature

1, wet surface construction; tough coating high strength.

2, add paint can be made of color decorative layer.

3, non-toxic, tasteless, can be used for edible water tank.

4, It is suitable for the waterproofing, facades, bevels and roof construction of exterior and inclined roofs with decorative materials. It can be firmly bonded with all kinds of outer materials such as base surface and decorative tiles, roofing tiles and cement mortar.

5, high temperature (140 ℃), especially for roads and bridges waterproof.

6, adjust the mix, can be made of tile adhesive materials and sealing materials.

The scope of application

1, industrial and civil roof waterproofing.

2, toilet, kitchen waterproof, moisture-proof works.

3, wall, basement, swimming pool, tank waterproofing.

4, the waterproof coating points Ⅰ and Ⅱ type two, usage is different.

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