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Neutral transparent silicone structural sealant
Jan 09, 2018

Neutral transparent silicone structural sealant

A one-component, neutral cure designed for the bonding of glazing structures in architectural curtain walls. Can be easily extruded in a wide temperature conditions. Rely on moisture in the air to cure into an excellent, durable high modulus, high elasticity silicone rubber. The product does not require primer on the glass, can produce superior adhesion. It has the following superior product features:

1 easy to use: you can squeeze out at any time

2. Neutral curing: There is no effect on the laminated glass adhesive layer

3 excellent adhesion;

4 excellent aging stability;

5. After curing with high modulus properties, but also can carry the interface ± 25% telescopic displacement capability;

6. Structural assembly shall be submitted in advance to the material testing and assembly drawings and professional testing company testing and auditing.

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