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Physical and Chemical characteristics of PE joint filler board
Dec 22, 2017

Physical characteristics


Low density, high response rate, with independent bubble structure.

Water absorption

Low surface water absorption, anti-permeability performance.

Chemical characteristics


Acid, alkali, salt, oil and other organic solvents, anti-aging performance.


Not flowing at high temperatures, not brittle at low temperatures.

Application range coagulation

Basic performance

Soil highway expansion joint seam plate;

Road bridge sealant;

Water conservancy project dams, dams, pressure hikes, slope protection, retaining walls of the expansion joints plate;

Hydropower, thermal power, engineering, the bottom of the water tower seal plate;

Seams for construction, seams for frame structures;

Domestic water plant and sewage treatment plant water tank sealing sheet;

Airport runway seam plate;

Seams, docks, concrete seams;

Water tunnel, tunnel concrete over the water seam plate;

Subway, underground passage of concrete sealing plate.

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