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Polyurethane Construction Adhesives and Sealants
Dec 27, 2017

As alternatives to conventional fasteners and joining materials, adhesives and sealants provide unique solutions for the construction industry. Polyurethane adhesives and sealants in particular help simplify construction processes and reduce their overall cost by providing rapidly cured, durable yet flexible bonds that are resistant to chemicals, heat and water.

Adhesives and sealants used in the construction industry must be durable, stable and resistant to heat, weather, chemicals and moisture. Sealants and adhesives based on polyurethane (PU) building blocks are ideally suited for the production of laminated engineered wood products, the application of flooring,the sealing of movement and earthquake mitigation projects.

Beijing Langwei company offers a broad range of raw materials designed for the formulation of PU adhesives and sealants intended for use in the construction industry.

PU adhesives and sealants have the right balance of properties for construction applications

Strong adhesion to many types of substrates: wood, concrete, plastic, metal and glass

Capable of withstanding high shear stress

Formation of high-strength, tough, durable bonds, even at low temperatures

Tunable flexibility and sufficient elasticity to accommodate materials with high coefficients of thermal expansion

High initial bond strength

Good impact resistance

Resistance to heat, chemicals and moisture

Using our raw materials, tailor-made adhesives and sealants can be produced for many different construction applications.


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