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Pre-construction steps of packer
Feb 12, 2018

Pre-construction steps

1, looking for cracks: For the wet grassroots, first clean the water, until the grass-roots clean up all the clean, the surface is slightly dry, carefully look for cracks, with colored pencils or chalk mark along the crack; for the dry grassroots, clean air pump or hair dryer Blowing off surface dust. 2, Drilling: according to the thickness of the concrete structure, the distance from the crack about 150 ~ 350mm, cross-drilling along both sides of the crack direction. Pitch should be based on the actual situation of the scene to two grouts after grouting in the cracks at the intersection of the principle can be, the general beginning of the hole spacing should be 300mm; aperture size, according to the size of the supporting water stop needle, Used for non-standard 13mm drill. Hole and fracture cross-section should be 45 degrees to 60 degrees cross, and the cross in the middle of the floor 1/3 range.

3, buried water needles: water stop needles for supporting components, is the slurry injected into the cracks in the connector, buried in the application of tools to tighten, and ensure that the rubber needle and the hole wall before use is not dry, or in the fastening When easy to cause slippery.

4, water seepage / reinforcement at the drilling, locking needles, drugs will be poured into the cup, start the power switch, the cup and the tube residual detergent or lubricant extrusion, until the pharmaceutical injection, and then insert the needle, The agent into the wall, stop leakage, reinforcement.

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