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re-injectable hose application
Nov 23, 2017

re-injectable grouting hose 

    re-injectable grouting hose has the following characteristics: Can inject a variety of materials: injectable such as grout, polymer slurry, polyurethane chemical slurry and other materials.

re-injectable injections: After vacuuming, the system can still be used for other purposes and repeated injections at any time.

Detectability: The amount of water absorbed by the grouting tube before injection and after injection can be measured in a simple and reliable way, with rigor.

Safe and Reliable: After more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of application and laying of large and medium-sized projects in the country on the success of grouting experience to ensure that customers provide the most professional technology and the best performance products.

Performance principle:

    During the pouring process of concrete, the rubber cover wrapped on the outside of the grouting pipe tightly presses on the injection hole of the central shaft pipe to bear the pressure of external concrete to close the whole system and prevent the concrete from pouring Slurry mixed into the grouting tube.

 During the grouting process, when the pressure inside the grouting pipe reaches a certain degree, the grout can lift the rubber cover strip under the pressure and overflow from the injection discharge hole to fill the concrete hollow to reach the sealing seal Role.

Through the principle of vacuum cleaning, the pipe can be washed with water so that it can be reused.

    re-injectable grouting hose for the construction of concrete joints, cold joints, pipe seepage, such as the gap between the walls of the permanent seal. It is very suitable to install grouting pipe between the joints of new and old concrete. When water infiltrates the seam, it can be sealed by injecting a slurry into the pvc port on the surface. This method can seal the seam. Proper grouting time can be selected after the curing of the concrete grouting. Leakage seams can also be made permanently sealed by this method.

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