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The role of bentonite water stop
Dec 08, 2017

1, the product is absorbent expansion, the overall expansion is a controlled expansion, which can effectively prevent leakage, if there is water into the gap has been placed in the water stop, the water stop expansion , Plug all the pores, fundamentally cut off the pressure of water, water and water well, with a special water stop water features.

 2, it is a rectangular section of 30 × 20, has a good self-adhesive, can rely on their own adhesive force, bonded to the site of use, pouring concrete, it can still maintain its shape, labor-saving, time-saving, Comprehensive benefits significantly.

 3, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, water resistance is not affected by the alternating changes in temperature and humidity can be described as a permanent sealing material.

 4, Has a significant self-healing function, can automatically eliminate cracks, automatically balance the trace of the wall and the ground movement, automatically strengthen the waterproof effect. 

5, the use of BW rubber seal, the concrete basement can be divided into a small water section pouring, construction joints simply sweep the surface of the surface of the soil, the use of the material itself sticky seal will be pasted in the concrete interface, you can continue to pour the next flow section Concrete.

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