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type of waterproof coating
Jan 22, 2018

Waterproof coatings according to the state and form of paint is divided into: emulsion type, solvent type, reactive type and modified asphalt.

The first type of solvent-based paint: a wide range of such coatings, the quality is good, but the high cost, poor security, the use is not very common.

The second category is water-emulsion and reactive polymer coatings: This type of coating is difficult in the process of various reinforcing agents, fillers, polymer elastomers evenly dispersed in the gel, can only be added by grinding A small amount of complexing agent, reactive polyurethane is a two-component, perishable, high cost.

The third type of plastic modified bitumen: These products can resist UV, high temperature resistance, but slightly worse elongation.

Asphalt waterproof coating varieties are:

A waterproof emulsion asphalt coating, mainly used for building waterproofing;

Two. Color emulsified asphalt paint, waterproofing for roofing;

Cationic emulsified asphalt waterproof coating, mainly for the cement board, gypsum board and fiberboard waterproofing;

Nonionic emulsified asphalt waterproof coating, mainly used for roofing, underground moisture, pipeline corrosion, canal seepage, underground waterproofing;

5. Asphalt-based thick waterproof coating, mainly used for roofing waterproof;

Six. Asphalt grease diluted waterproof coating, waterproofing for roofing;

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