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Uses and Attentions of Silicone Sealants
Dec 13, 2017

 Silicone sealant is composed of sodium silicate, organic silicon and silicone polymers. It is clear, cure fast and provides good bonding strength for most of substrates and medium mechanical strength. Silicone sealants are widely used to seal the gaps in the glass, metal, aluminum, ceramic, organic glass and coated glass. They are very helpful in the house decoration, automobile manufacture and maintenance.

Basic applications for silicone sealants

1.It is widely applied to bond the clean metal, glass, most woods without oil, silicone resin, ceramic, natural or synthetic fiber.
2. Use it to assemble al-alloy door & windows, titanium alloy door & windows and plastic-steel door & windows as well as to fill and seal gaps to strengthen bonding strength.
3. It can be used to bond and seal the gusset plate door & windows;
4. Fill and seal the gaps between various glass, metal, aluminum, ceramic and organic glass;
5. It is suitable for weather-resistant sealing of glass curtain wall, aluminum plastic board curtain wall and stones;
6. Bond ceramic, sanitary fittings and marble;

Attentions when using silicone sealants

1. Keep original sealed storage, and place them in a cool area without direct sunshine and at 4-27
2. Shelf life is around 6 months starting from production date;
3. Not suitable for the bonding of surfaces that can exude oil, plasticizer or other solvents;
4. Don’t use it on the oil paint surfaces, and sealing failure may happen due to paint film cracking and peeling;
5. Don’t use it directly on food surfaces or in some areas vulnerable to mechanical wear;

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