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waterproof plugging scope of application
Feb 28, 2018

1 scope of application

Apply to a variety of underground works of waterproof, plugging construction, such as air basement, underground passage, underground garage and other projects waterproof plugging.

2 Process Principle Waterproof plugging method used by the basic principle of chemical grouting. Chemical grouting is the use of manual or mechanical means, under the pressure of the special irrigation irrigation material poured into the cracks in the structure of the building, the grouting material in the fracture solidification, in order to achieve the purpose of filling cracks and water stop. Through the cracks, can be sealed, buried pipe, irrigation method of treatment. For non-through cracks, due to the relationship between the gas, it is difficult to pour the slurry into the crack spire area, which can not eliminate the stress concentration zone formed in the tip area, so the process should be carefully considered various factors to improve the slurry filling rate. For temperature cracks, taking into account the "hysteresis effect" on the temperature of concrete buildings, it is generally better to carry out grouting treatment at the low point of the concrete body temperature.

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