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Waterstop Strip Will Expand When Touching With Water
Feb 28, 2018

Waterstop strip is a special new type waterproof products, not only it has performance of ordinary rubber products, but also its waterproofing property is better and more reliable than common rubber waterproof products. When it touch with water, its volume will swell three or four times than original volume and it will stuff up all irregular concrete joint, then achieve to stop leak thoroughly.

It can be divided into BW type and PZ Type. Any client can select it according to different demand of water-proof construction.

Difference in PZ Type and BW Type
The performance of PZ Type is better than BW Type.

PZ Type is vulcanized rubber, instead, vulcanized process isn’t necessary for BW type.

Almost all BW type is back in market, but PZ Type can be produced in different color, such as black, red, blue and so on (red and blue are more popular in market).


Waterstop strip can be widely applied to various types of concrete structures, such as: dams, reservoirs, subway, culverts, tunnels and other underground works.

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