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  • Two Component Grouting Injection Pump

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    Two Component Grouting Injection Pump

    Two Component grouting machine is a professional machine for structure reinforcement, leak stoppage, easy to maintain. The parts of machine aren’t deformed when being injected. Besides, it can avoid the inconvenience of heavy machinery for workers and is the best tool for the persons who work on the professional water-sealing project.Read More

  • Double Components injection pump

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    Double Components injection pump

    Double components injection pump.PU foam agent,epoxy resin,polyurethane injection pump 1.Portable,high pressure 2.Output pressure up to 11000psi(max)Read More

  • Single Component injection pump

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    Single Component injection pump

    The electric high pressure injection pump is a professional machine used for high pressure chemical grouting, which works with single chemical grouting material. It can produce high pressure itself when working on leakage-stop constructions.Read More

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