Re-injectable Grout Hose

Re-injectable Grout Hose

Introduction:Re-injectable grout hose is one of the specially designed solid PVC injection pipe systems.It can be mounted on the internal cement joint, used to waterproof and seal any gaps and holes on the joint area.



Re-injectable grout hose is one of the specially designed solid PVC injection pipe systems. It can be mounted on the internal cement joint, used to waterproof and seal any gaps and holes on the joint area. It can seal joints then make them water-tight,if leakage appears in the future,we can also provide complete maintenance program. LW system can be used to repeated grouting when portland cement,fine cement or acrylic grouting resin used.Using LW re-injection pipe system (Re-inject) can improve waterproof technology. The advanced grouting system can exactly realized “ zero leak”. In addition to its advantages of easy installation and reasonable price, LW system can also simplify the work and make sure the joints not leaking.


1).Can pass leaking test

a. Can confirm the sealing property of the construction joint at scene

b. To grout only when the joint leaking

2) Hose can be unlimited re-injected

a. If there are still crack or new cracks,hose can be grouted again,effectively reduce the complicated process of changing tools 

b. Neoprene as one-way valve can effectively prevent the grouting back flowing under backpressure rigid core

c. Won't be pressed flat under concrete pressure so as to make the use of the grouting unobstructed

3).Resistance to chemical corrosion

a. The material is durable,contains no metal,will not be corroded when contacting with polyurethane, ethylene resin,epoxy resin or cement  

4) Flexibility

Expediently placed in the corner,no need to cut and connect.


◆ Subway, tunnel

◆ Water and sewage treatment plants

◆ Swimming pool and water amusement park

◆ Nuclear power station

◆ The dam,lock,canals,reservoir and ditch

◆ Primary and secondary cofferdam facilities

◆ Bridge

◆ Commercial and industrial buildings,garage,stadium

◆ Aquarium,tank and similar structure

Work and design principle

The first stage: water cement

Design principle(Re-inject)

1.1.png     After putting cement around LW repeatable injection pipe,the external pressure will make the chloroprene rubber belt fixed, and seal the grouting mouth and grouting channel.


Grouting pipe

The injection pipe solid lining is made from high quality of PVC.

The inner can absorb cement pressure, ensure the grouting pipe work together.

Lateral staggered shedding ensure uniform release of the grouting material.

The second stage: grouting

The compressible chloroprene  rubber belt in the longitudinal grooves is a unique and very  important part.

They play the valve's role when grouting and seal when cleaning.

1.3.png      Internal grouting pressure will form pressure for the neoprene rubber belt,and inject the grouting material from eight longitudinal gap. This makes the grouting materials release from the whole injection pipe can maintain uniform.

The third stage: clean the injection pipe

LW repeatable grouting system is the leading waterproofing system,

and ensure that the joint 100% of water tightness.

Its unique "valve" design makes LW become

the only injection pipe system that can prevent fall leakage,repetitive grouting.

When using the grouting material which has got approval, LW repeatable injection pipe can be easily washed clean by water with vacuum pressure. Negative pressure can make chloroprene rubber belt reset,and prevent the injected material being absorbed into the grouting pipe during cleaning.

A series of characteristics and advantages

Repeatable grouting

Customer recognition

Wash by water or vacuum pressure,prepare for future use.

LW has been successfully used

in the United States and

the world and won the international recognition for 15 years.

Many grouting materials

Maintenance save worry

The fourth stage: prepare for the future grouting

LW system is suitable for a wide range of grouting materials.

The ability of repeatable grouting ensure that the building joints keep waterproof state in its life period.

     Can grout again at any time if need.

Testing capability

Easy installation

LW system can be used to test water tightness for the already or not grouting joints. Just water LW repeatable injection pipe is ok.

LW is installed before the

second grouting,and no need segmentation template.


  • Procedure:

Cut to the needed length

Injection  pipe and discharge tube

telescopic line

LW repeatable injection pipe

Connection nozzle

Sealing plug, prevent pollutants getting into injection pipe

Connect fiber reinforced PVC discharge outlet with LW repeatable grouting tube ends by connecting pipe mouth,strong glue and expansion casing.


Install plug to the fiber reinforced discharge pipe to prevent impurities from getting into the injection pipe.

length of injection hose

Installation method

     LW repeatable injection pipe installation length can reach up to 10 meters, which include the fiber reinforced PVC end. If you need longer, please contact Beijing Lang Wei Times Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.

In central parts, every 20 -- 25 cm, use special plastic clip or pipe clamp (see figure 1 and figure 2) to fix LW repeatable injection pipe on flat and smooth cement plane;


Cover at least 2cm cement overlay;

Not to install in ways of bend or limitation,and should not be connected in reinforcing bars as building support

Distance between two parallel injection pipes is at least 5 cm

Connect grouting pump at the end of the PVC emissions tube for future grouting, The fiber reinforced PVC pipe ends should be exposed to convenient, accessible place. Use terminal box, shoot to nail gun or directly extend fiber reinforced pipe to the cement external (see chart 3);


In many practical applications, it  requires the injection pipe cross each other. The intersection parts must maintain close contact with concrete,Discharge outlet part can overlap (see chart 1);

Extend the fiber reinforced discharge outlet about 10cm into the box when junction box used.


Two models are alternative


Internal diameter

External diameter

Out hole

Gap between holes











Grouting steps:


1. LW can be injected after cement hardening. In the usual condition, grouting can be conducted in shortest 28 days cement  curing period.

2. Fill LW repeatable grouting tube with the grouting material by the help of appropriate grouting pump, until the material outflow from the other end of the PVC discharge outlet.Grouting material decides the requirements of the pump. In vertical placed grouting tube,the initial grouting should begin from the lowest emissions end and press the material upward.

3. Seal discharge outlet and continue to grout.It is usually more effective for a time-consuming grouting in a low voltage than a rapid one under high pressure.

4. Once the material no longer flows into the layup and pressure gauge showed no or few pressure loss,maintain pressure at least 2 minutes.

typical grouting pump


5. Ensure grouting operation occur within permitted grouting material use or coking time. If need repeat grouting,ensure the grouting materials are approved

6. Any grouting materials that stay in the grouting channels must be cleaned before the grouting medium hardening or coking

7. In order to clean LW repeatable injection pipe and fiber reinforced discharge outlet, the discharge pipe end use vacuum pump, the other end placed in water container.

8. Deal with LW repeatable injection pipe for future use.

cross section that has completed grouting

Grouting materials 
Suitable grouting material must meet the requirements of the joint.Here are two kinds of grouting material are alternative. Want to know more information,please contact Beijing Lang Wei Times Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
1. GI acrylic resin: Water swellable 1.5 times. GI acrylic resin is a kind of low viscosity resin,  which can penetrate fine cracks and capillary and seal them permanently. Acid, alkali, many solvent and fuel resistance. It is easy to clean the equipment and tools which are polluted by this resin with water.
2. SI superfine cement: a kind of single compound, micro cement based on the state of suspending liquid, use directly. SI can mix with water in high speed, form a kind of low viscosity,high permeability cement suspended matter. This fine property makes it able to penetrate the subtle gap, seal them reliably.

LW1: 19mm outer diameter
Large packing: 200 m/roll
Small packing: 50 m/roll
LW2: 24mm outer diameter
Large packing: 125m/roll
Small packing: 30m/roll

Stored in a cover place,avoid oil,dirt,concrete rubble and others getting into the hose.

Quality guarantee period 
According to the suggestion way in the seal and original conditions,it can be stored permanently.
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One-time injection hose is widely used in water proof and maintenance for construction joints, pre-install grouting channal in metro,tunnel,waterworks,sewage plant,swimming pool,park,dam,lock,reservoir,nuclear power station,bridge, cofferdam, commercial and industrial building,garage,stadium,aquarium,water tank,etc.Injection hose has better performance with simple installation.

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