PE Joint Filler

PE Joint Filler

Polyethylene closed-cell foam plate is becoming more and more widely used, without which for other materials. It has the unique advantages of strong recovery rate,no water absorption,water impact resistance,weather resistance,chemical resistance and aging resistance.


PE Joint Filler


Polyethylene closed-cell foam plate is also called joint filler board, which is a new type of joint water-stop material in China. It has been repeated proved by China's Ministry of Communications Academy of Sciences that the performance is much better than wood,cork,rubber, asphalt.In abroad,polyethylene closed-cell foam plate has been widely used in highway,road and bridge expansion joint,overpass,high-speed road,airport run road,underpass bridge,underground passage,subway,bridge stop resistance wall joint,slope protection on both sides of road and subgrade, moistureproof brake in power plant,cooling tower,joint and expansion joint in construction engineering,etc.


◆ Small density,high recovery rate,independent bubble structure

◆ Low surface bibulous rate,good performance of anti osmosis

◆ Resistance to solvent corrosion like acid, alkali, salt, oil,etc.

◆ Good performance of ageing resistance

◆ Not flow in high temperature,not embrittle in low temperature

Technical Index:



Strength of extension


Compression strength


Tearing strength


Heating deformation


Water absorption




Hardness (C grade)

40-60 Shore A

Compression set



30-120 kg/m3

Recovery % in minutes


UV resistance


temperature exposure

+80℃- -40℃ Not flowing,no distortion,no embrittlement








◆ Concrete highway expansion joint

◆ Road and bridge

◆ Water conservancy project: dam,protecting beach,baffle bar,slope protection

◆ Water and electricity engineering,thermal power engineering,water tower bottom water-stop

◆ Airfield runway

◆ Port,wharf

◆ Water tunnel,tunnel

◆ Subway,underground passage

With the unique advantages of strong recovery rate,no water absorption,water impact resistance,weather resistance,chemical resistance and aging resistance,polyethylene closed-cell foam plate is becoming more and more widely used,without which for other materials.


Stored in dry and ventilated places, prevent sunlight and rain,stack separately for different categories and specifications, keep flat, the height should not be more than 5 layer.

Storage life:

One year from the date of production in normal conditions.

Polyethylene closed-cell foam plate is widely used in concrete highway expansion joint,road and bridge.Water conservancy project: dam, protecting beach,baffle bar,slope protection,water and electricity engineering,thermal power engineering, water tower bottom water-stop,airfield runway,port,wharf,water tunnel,tunnel,subway,underground passage and so on.PE joint filler has better performance with low density,independent bubble structure,low surface bibulous rate,good performance of anti osmosis.


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