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How Is The Rubber Water Stop Installed?
Dec 26, 2018

1. Before the concrete pouring in the next section, the vertical (horizontal) or transverse (ring) to the construction joint interface should be installed with waterstops.

2. How to fix the water stop strip on the head plate is determined according to the construction method of the frame and the equipment equipment capacity, and can be fixed by nails, bolts or iron wires.

3. The construction joint with fixed water stop strip should be pasted. The interface of the post-sealing joint should be kept dry, flat seam, and the scum, dust and debris on the interface should be removed before construction.

4. After the installation position of the rubber water stop strip is determined, apply a thin layer of adhesive on the interface where the water stop strip is to be installed and the bottom surface of the water stop strip. After the glue liquid is volatilized for a period of time, paste it again, or use high strength. The anchor secures the water stop to the installed location.

5. If the concrete interface is wet or uneven, and the adhesive is not firmly adhered, it can be further strengthened with high-strength anchors depending on the specific conditions. In short, the water stop strip must be in close contact with the concrete interface to fix the solid, waterproof water stop strip from the interface and lose the impermeability.

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