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How To Use Waterstop Strip
Dec 11, 2018

The first step is to eliminate the scum and dust on the interface after the concrete joint interface has been hardened.

In the second step, the outer packaging of the water-expanding waterstop is removed before the concrete on the other side of the construction joint is hit. If it is a horizontal construction joint, it is bonded to the interface of the construction joint and the post-cast joint along the length of the construction joint, and it is better to fix it with cement nails or adhesive (401 glue); the vertical construction joint and the post-cast joint need to be used. Fix the cement nails at intervals of 50-100 cm to avoid displacement.

The third step is the splicing of the water-swelling water-stop strip: the two water-stop strip ends to be squashed in a range of 5 cm, and the end can be cut into a butt-slope by a knife, and overlapped by hand. Press it so that it is in intimate contact with the concrete and then cemented in the middle of the lap joint.

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