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Sealing Grout With Polyurethane
Jul 10, 2018

Water leaks in concrete and grout can be a big problem.  Water leakage causes all sorts of damage to a home, and can even be a problem with external leaks.  External brick work or other grout is going to be ruined from the elements, especially from water damage.  It is incredibly expensive to repair these kinds of problems, and many home owners are at a loss for how to fix water leakage problems. One of the most popular solutions is sealing grout with polyurethane.

One type of polyurethane sealant is polyurethane foam.This foam is a mixture of an organic polyisocyanate compound and pyrrolidone; it is put into cracks and other places in concrete and cement structures where there is water leakage.This mixture creates a foam sealant that fills the entire crack and then hardens to prevent any more water from damaging the structure.

Sealing Grout With Polyurethane

There are other types of polyurethane sealants to use for sealing grout.  With polyurethane, you are assuring that the structure you are repairing will have a durable and weather-resistant protection from further water damage.  There are some people out there who do not agree with sealing grout with polyurethane simply because it is more costly than other types of sealants.  These people generally prefer cement style sealants over sealing grout with polyurethane.  The problem with this is that chemical sealants like polyurethane are water resistant where the cement injection types are not.  In fact, cement is mostly water anyway, and will happily take on more water. This causes the sealant to break down and will only lead to the need for further repairs. It is also much more difficult to control cement grout; however, sealing grout with polyurethane is more controllable.

You can determine the setting times and the viscosity of chemical sealants like polyurethane, and this plays an important role when you are working with a rock structure.  Sealing grout with polyurethane will actually also allow you to place the sealant in a more exact and accurate way than you could if you were to use cement sealants.  All of these benefits of polyurethane and other chemical sealants add up to making sealing grout with polyurethane a good idea. A problem like this requires immediate attention.

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