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Injection Hose grout hose grouting hose grouting injection hose

  • Hydrophilic Urethane Grout

    Contact NowHydrophilic Urethane GroutHydrophilic urethane grout is a kind of rapid and high efficiency chemical grout material used for seepage-proofing and leaking stoppage.It has unique sealing effect for a great quantity water burstRead More

  • AC-VE Acrylate Grout

    Contact NowAC-VE Acrylate GroutAC-VE acrylate grouting solution is developed by Beijing Langwei Times Technology & Science Co., Ltd,non-toxic and environmental friendly of acrylamide grouting material.Read More

  • Flat Head Injection Packer

    Contact NowFlat Head Injection PackerWe supply full range of injection packer as well as other waterproof materials with high qualityRead More

  • AC-II acrylate grout

    Contact NowAC-II acrylate groutAC-II water based acrylate grout is developed by Beijing Langwei Times Technology & Science Co., Ltd.Because of the toxicity and pollution environment of acrylamide grouting material.Read More

  • Hydrophobic Urethane Grout

    Contact NowHydrophobic Urethane GroutLW Hydrophobic polyurethane chemical grout is one kind of one component of excluding water material, which is formed via polyisocyanates and polyether polyol reacted under certain conditionsRead More

  • High Strength Epoxy Grout

    Contact NowHigh Strength Epoxy GroutFeatures: ●Low viscosity,without granule,able to be injected into tiny cracks ●Flexible after polymerize,adopt to the changes of the cracks caused by expansion and contractionRead More

  • Single Component injection pump

    Contact NowSingle Component injection pumpThe electric high pressure injection pump is a professional machine used for high pressure chemical grouting, which works with single chemical grouting material. It can produce high pressure itself when working on leakage-stop constructions.Read More

  • Double Components injection pump

    Contact NowDouble Components injection pumpDouble components injection pump.PU foam agent,epoxy resin,polyurethane injection pump 1.Portable,high pressure 2.Output pressure up to 11000psi(max)Read More

  • High Flexible Epoxy Grouting

    Contact NowHigh Flexible Epoxy GroutingDescription There has been many years of research and application for epoxy resin grouting material,hundreds of various of formula has been put forward.Read More

  • One Time Injection Hose For Waterproofing

    Contact NowOne Time Injection Hose For WaterproofingOne-time injection hose is widely used in waterproof and maintenance for construction joints,pre-install grouting channal in metro,tunnel,waterworks,sewage plant,swimming pool,park,dam,lock,reservoir,nuclear power stationbridge,cofferdam,commercial and industrial building,garage,stadium,aquarium ,water tank,etc.Injection hose has better...Read More

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